RED SUN IMPORTS Vehicle Terms of Sale

Version 2023 revision 1.1

RED SUN IMPORTS Vehicle Terms of SaleVersion 2023 revision 1.1
1.01The buyer agrees to have seen all the photos and information on the condition of the above Vehicle located in the inventory section of the website: (, and thereby accepts the condition of the vehicle as seen on the photos and the descriptions provided.
1.02The Seller will send a link to this Vehicle Terms of Sale page ( to the Buyer where all the sale conditions are mentioned. The Buyer is free to ask as many questions as possible to the Seller.
1.03Payment from the Buyer to the Seller can only proceed after the Buyer had agreed to both the vehicle’s condition and the terms of sale.
2.01The Total Price noted on the invoice (Vehicle Price plus BBO/BAZV and BAVP) is to be paid by the Buyer to the Seller for the Vehicle (the “Purchase Price”).
3.01Red Sun Imports is not in the business of financing. This is the responsibility of the Buyer to arrange financing if needed.
Quotations for financing can be requested. These will be sent via email to the client.
3.02Acceptable forms of payment are:
– Cash (By appointment only)
– Online Bank transfers.
3.03Vehicles that are on the way to Aruba can be reserved for the Buyer. The reservation fee is paid in the form of a minimum deposit of Fls. 2,000.00 either cash or by bank transfer. This deposit also serves as a down-payment.
A payment schedule is also agreed upon between the Seller and Buyer on the first invoice.
The remaining balance of the total price, is due at the delivery of the Vehicle to the Buyer.
3.04Reservations that are cancelled for any reason by the buyer before the actual delivery date are subject to a Fls. 1,000.00 penalty fee regardless of the amount deposited.
3.05Reservation is only 100% refundable if there are issues with the vehicle relating to its safe operating condition and is not able to be resolved between the Seller and the Buyer during delivery.
3.06There are no refunds due to shipping delays.
3.07Vehicle(s) ordered on behalf of the buyer from a buyer’s supplied source cannot be cancelled or refunded once the order is placed by Red Sun Imports. No refunds will be given when these types of orders are cancelled.
3.08Refunds are made by bank transfers only.
3.09The vehicle is to be paid off within 7 days of the actual delivery date by means of cash/transfer/deposit. Cars not paid off after this period will be placed for sale and 100% of the deposit is billed as restocking / loss of sale fee.
The Buyer shall notify the Seller as soon as there are impending issues when the buyer is not able to pay according to the agreed upon schedule.
3.10All delays in the agreed payment schedule shall be subject to item 3.08.
3.11The reservation/purchase process can be made 100% online if requested. The buyer will receive a signed pdf copy of the invoice via email. This copy will need to be electronically signed and returned to Red Sun Imports via email before the bank transfer is made. By making payment, the buyer agrees to purchase the vehicle and hereby agrees to the conditions of this contract.
4.01The Seller hereby notifies the Buyer, and the Buyer acknowledges and agrees, that the Vehicle is used and is being sold “As-Is”, without warranty of any kind, whether expressed or implied.
To the best of the Seller’s knowledge, the information and facts disclosed to the Buyer on Red Sun Imports website regarding the Vehicle are true and correct in all material respects and that the vehicle is being sold and delivered in a safe and good mechanical operating condition.
4.02Used vehicles are not in perfect condition. They might have a known or hidden repair history, additional minor imperfections and defects that does not affect the safe operation of the vehicle such as: minor scratches, minor dents not seen in photos, paint issues (dry, discoloration, fine hairline scratches, re-painted), minor surface rust, missing interior plastic panel clips, low fuel, low to no battery power, noisy/grinding brake discs, missing spare tire and or tools.
4.03All RHD vehicles imported from Japan will come equipped with a radio that is not compatible in the Caribbean region, i.e., radio frequency is limited to 89.9 MHz, navigation/GPS, Bluetooth might not work etc. For this reason, the Seller does not inspect the radios if they work or not, as they are highly recommended to be replaced.
4.04Vehicles will come with unpolished paint and usually there will be additional small blemishes and fine scratches (especially on dark colors) that are not visible in the photos on the website.
Red Sun Imports recommends the Buyer to have the vehicle polished to prevent deterioration of the vehicle’s exterior paint.
4.05Upon Arrival and prior to delivery, all vehicles are test-driven by the Seller for 15 minutes to ensure that they are in good and safe operating condition. At this time the final condition of the vehicle will be communicated to the Buyer. If there are additional issues, these will be communicated to the Buyer and coordination for repair will be performed by the Seller. All repair expenses will be covered by the Seller. A new delivery date will be scheduled between the Buyer and the Seller.
4.06Issues such as AC not working properly, power window buttons, noisy wheel bearing, extensive damage to the body of the vehicle not noted in photos will be resolved by the seller prior to delivery of the vehicle. Article 4.04 applies here also.
4.07The Buyer shall understand that additional maintenance and/or repairs might incur additional delays in the delivery time of the vehicle, depending on the workload of the maintenance shop and/or logistics issues of importing parts from other countries which can sometimes take up to 1 month. This last part is not controllable by Red Sun Imports.
4.08All vehicles will undergo a simple wash and inside cleaning before delivery.
4.09All vehicles will be delivered unserviced. Red Sun Imports recommends the Buyer to perform a regular service of the vehicle (which includes changing the following: oil, oil filter, transmission oil, air filter, cabin AC filter).
4.10Upon delivery of the vehicle to the buyer, a visual inspection and a test drive is performed with the Seller and Buyer to confirm and accept that the vehicle is in good and safe mechanical operating condition.
4.11Vehicles do not come with 4 license plate screws. The fastener size is metric size M6 x 1.0 and can be bought at any hardware store.
4.12As the vehicle is a used one, there is a risk that issues might arise after delivery of the vehicle. Any mechanical issues needing repair that may arise after taking ownership of the vehicle after 3 days are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.
4.13By making payment and/or signing the invoice, the Buyer hereby satisfies itself as to what is offered for sale, and by reserving and/or purchasing the vehicle; he/she will be held to have satisfied itself of the Vehicle’s condition in all respects.
4.14Red Sun Imports is not responsible for a vehicle’s condition when it is ordered from the buyer’s supplied source.
5.01Shipping times & customs clearance are not in the control of Red Sun Imports. There might be delays due to transit times, acts of God such as storms & pandemics, customs manpower scheduling, breakdown of equipment, weekends, holidays, other inefficiencies etc. Actual arrival dates may vary on average from 7 days earlier up to 21 days delay after the estimated date given initially on the invoice. Red Sun Imports will do its best to regularly check for updates with the shipping agent.
5.02Vehicles transported during the monsoon/typhoon/hurricane season (June till November) might incur extra delays in transit time due to weather.
5.03Shipments arriving in December might incur additional delays up to 14 days delay due to high cargo traffic volume on the island.
5.04Shipping updates are given when available to the customer or when requested via WhatsApp.
6.01The Buyer, either itself or through a third-party, shall appear at the Seller’s address via appointment within 7 days after the actual pick-up date to remove the Vehicle from the Seller’s address. Other arrangements can be planned before the delivery date. Red Sun Imports is not responsible for the vehicle if the buyer fails to pick up the vehicle after this date.
6.02If the Buyer fails to appear at the Seller’s address after the agreed time frame, the risk of loss and damages to the Vehicle passes to the Buyer.
7.01The Seller shall provide to the Buyer the following documents upon receipt of the total purchase price on the day of the sale: a signed copy of bill of sale, a signed receipt of additional payments (when applicable), the original Title/ Export Certificate, a copy of the seller’s ID, a copy of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce registration.
7.02No customs documents or copies of import documents are given to the Buyer. This is due to the vehicle being imported under Red Sun Imports as a business and under its tax ID number and not the Buyer’s tax number.
7.03Transfer of ownership and vehicle release from the Seller to the Buyer shall be until the Vehicle is paid in full.

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