Are you an official business

Yes, we are registered importer/exporter registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Aruba ( Kamer van Koophandel) since 2009.

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Santa Cruz Aruba. More specifically between Taco Bell and MEP’s office on the main road, you can’t miss it.

We are however an online based business and do most of operations through our website, facebook, instagram and WhatsApp.

At our location we mostly do car delivery / pickup services and we spot our cars on inventory there.

Are you active on social media

Yes, our main contact point between Red Sun Imports and our customers is via our website www.RedSunImports.com

Aside from the website we are very active on Facebook and Instagram. Youtube and twitter not so much.

We have an instagram page, www.instagram.com/redsunimportsaruba

We are also on facebook: www.facebook.com/redsunimports

How much experience does your staff have in the automobile business?

Our staff has been in the vehicle import / export business since year 2002. We are also avid car enthusiasts. We have ample knowledge of most car makes and models and know what types of cars can be paired with what type of buyer.

We believe that cars are an extensions of ourselves and do not consider cars to be just a mode of transportation.

What Cars do You Have in Stock?

The best place where you can see what cars are already on the island and which ones are on the way to Aruba is the website : www.redsunimports.com in our “STOCK” section.

We do our best to always have the latest updates on our inventory displayed such as:

  • Information of the cars.
  • Photos.
  • Cars in Stock and cars on the way to Aruba.
  • Arrival dates of cars on the way to Aruba.

All this info is 24/7 available to our customers.

Do you offer financing?

No, we do not offer financing. All cars are sold on a cash/transfer basis and need to be 100% paid before it is released to the buyer.

However, we do help our customers with paperwork for bank loan applications.

Cars on the way to Aruba have the option to be reserved. This amount normally is around Fls.2000 . Once the car arrives in Aruba, it needs to be paid in full.

Do you offer Lease-to-Buy (Huur – Koop)

No, we do not offer Lease-to-Buy / Huur-Koop. All cars need to be paid in full before they are released to the buyer.

Do you take trade-ins?

We no longer take trade-ins because customers fail to understand that in a trade-in deal we will be valuing your car much lower than your car is worth because  we take the risk of selling your car taking into account for lost sales of our own inventory, loss of time, cost of bringing the car up to our standards in order to sell it etc.

Most customers do not understand this and that’s the reason we recommend them to sell the car themselves, in order for them to get the most profit on the sale.

Can you get me a car for Fls. 5000

In short no. The cheapest car we can bring will be a RHD car from Japan for Fls. 6000. We are not able to go cheaper due to  the cost structure of our business.

We advice anyone looking for a car in the Fls. 5000 range or less, to look on the local market.

Will you require my tax ID (persoonsnummer) when I order a car from Red Sun Imports?

All cars imported to Aruba will enter under Red Sun Imports and not under the customer’s name.

All customers who place orders with us will have to submit their name, address and will have to sign the invoice. This is mainly for us internally.

Red Sun Imports will never ask you other sensitive information like your tax ID number  “persoonsnummer”.


How do I reserve a car? and what happens next?

To reserve a car, you will have to make a Fls. 2000 deposit on it.

After your car is reserved (After you place a Fls. 2000) we will make sure no one else buys that car.

When the car arrives and it has been cleaned, we will notify you to come pick the car up.

At this time the rest of the amount is due. All cars need to be paid off before you can receive the car, no exceptions.

We do not finance cars. Financing can be done at the local banks. We can always help out with quotations for banks.

If I like a car on a website, can you import it for me?

Yes we can. As a matter of fact we do it quite frequently for customers.

You can send us the details or link via:

  • Facebook Page
  • Email
  • WhatsApp

We will send you a quotation with all cost included. There will be no additional cost aside from what is given to you in the quotation.

The quotation includes all cost and charges. You will receive the car washed and cleaned ready to be picked up.

I don’t like the cars in your inventory, can you order another type of car for me?

Of course, we car order any Brand/Model. Contact us via WhatsApp with your requests and we will send you cars that will fit into your requirements and budget.


If you already have a car in sight, for example from a website, you can send us the link and we will give you a total all inclusive price of the car delivered to your door. If you agree with the price, we will purchase the car for you and send it to Aruba.

How long does shipping take to Aruba?

Shipping times vary and can sometimes incur some significant delays mainly related to mechanical issues with ships, busy ports and weather, but the following can be generally be taken into account:

From Japan: 6-8 weeks. It takes 3-4 days for the wire transfer to clear banks, another 1-2 weeks for shipping preparation, and shipping from Japan to Aruba and customs clearance in Aruba takes 3-4 weeks.

From USA: 3-4 weeks. It takes 1 week fro CBP to clear the vehicle. Shipping to Aruba takes 5 -7 days and customs clearance in Aruba another week to 2 weeks depending on shipping options.

From Korea: Similar waiting times as Japan.

From Europe: 4-6 weeks.

What is RHD and LHD?

RHD stands for Right Hand Drive. This basically means that the car has it’s steering wheel on the right side. These cars are mostly used on Left Hand traffic systems (Traffic flow on the left lane). Examples are countries like: United Kingdom, Japan, Australia.

LHD stands for Left Hand Drive. This basically means that the car has it’s steering wheel on the left side. These cars are mostly used on Right Hand traffic systems (Traffic flow on the right lane). This system is being used on Aruba.

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