Automated Auto Auction system in Japan

The Japanese Auto Auctions are the main source for getting your RHD vehicle. Approximately 25,000 – 75,000 vehicles go through the auctions per week.

We can source for you any specific model car, specific color, specific options, collector car, sports car etc.

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STEP 1We request the customer to have the model year, make, model, colors, options and the budget known. The more specific, the more efficient for us to look for a vehicle.
Note: If the customer does not have a budget, we will do a quick market research and give a very broad estimate of the total price of the vehicle.
STEP 2A quick market research will be performed to check if the budget meets the vehicle being requested.
STEP 3We will search the car auctions for the vehicle requested. Valid candidates will be send before the auction date via WhatsApp for the customer to choose. A total of 2 auction photos plus the condition of the car will be send to the customer.
STEP 4If the customer decides on a vehicle, a 50% deposit of the total price will be required in order to place the bid.
STEP 5After receipt of the deposit, Red Sun Imports will place a bid. There is no guarantee that the bid will be win. If this is not the case we will repeat STEPS 3-5 until we successfully win a bid.
STEP 6After winning the bid, Red Sun will start with the transport and shipping coordination. During this process the customer will receive inspection photos of the vehicle and a simple condition report. The vehicle will also be checked for mechanical issues.
At this point the vehicle is 100% your ownership. Orders cancelled by any reason are non-refundable.
STEP 7When the shipping information is received, we will also inform the customer. We will also inform when the ship departs from Japan with the estimated arrival date in Aruba.
Note: Keep in mind, this estimated arrival date will always change.
STEP 8The vehicle will be imported under our business name. We will never ask you for any “belastingnummer” or other tax documentation.
STEP 9We will inform you when the vehicle will be arriving in Aruba. We will do all banking and import documentation. You don’t need to do anything.
STEP 10When the vehicle(s) arrives at port, we will coordinate transportation to our location. At this time we will also clean the car up and make it ready for delivery.
STEP 11We will inform you on a pick-up date. You will need to take delivery of the car at our location. The last 50% of the payment will be due at this time. We will then release all paperwork needed for you to register and insure the vehicle in Aruba.

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